Most often when adolescents arrive here at eagle ranch academy, it is not because behavioral issues developed overnight. In many cases, the family members are looking for answers that are long overdue.

They fear their children’s future is at risk if the acting out and rebelling continues. It can make parents unsure of exactly what to do, or where to turn.

After all, the common goal that every parent who turns to Eagle Ranch Academy is doing so out of love, with the intention to help their child find the underlying issue and the ability to communicate as the search for a resolution continues.

At ERA, we have 8 Core Values. Our Choice Based program helps students internalize these eight core values and provide them with useful and effective tools to deal with the issues they will face in the real world.

Upon completion of ERA’s program, your child will be better prepared to independently make the right choices and have good, healthy, and meaningful relationships. Our goal is to reunite families.

Below are some of the success stories from adolescents who have completed the ERA’s program.

“Hi, I am a female and I am 14 years old, This is my story”
“When I came to ERA, I was barely 13 years old, and it was in 2008. I was a mess. I had no idea who I was or what I wanted. I did everything for anyone but my self I came to ERA for sneaking out, self-mutilating, being violent and defiant, for manipulating, lying, and having sex with older guys.

I hated my family, and I hated myself. I sat for about 4.5 months doing nothing but being shady. When I got on honesty, I started to fly.

I still have my ups and downs. But I kept my head up. And one big time I struggled was during a period of time two of my closet and favorite staff left ERA. And all the old behaviors and thoughts came rushing at me faster than I could imagine.

But with the support of ERA, they helped me like no other. I learned so much. I learned to stand up for myself, to love myself, to respect myself and to be me. I was ok with myself, and I didn’t care if anyone liked me or not. I had become myself again.

ERA taught me life lessons I will remember for the rest of my life. And they believed in and supported me when I didn’t believe in myself. The people at ERA also challenged me to look at things differently.

For a while, I chose not to, but now I do. I came in here a mess with no healthy relationships at all. And now I am leaving with respect, honor, and healthy relationships… .especially with my family.”

“My Story”
“I arrived at Eagle Ranch Academy in 2010. I came with a plethora of issues, all of which I refused to acknowledge. One of my main issues was the fact; I was angry at the world. My Therapist described me as being at 211°, close to boiling-point, at all times.

However, I’m leaving with the ability to let those small things stay small, and not allow myself get to that 212°. My other main issue was the fact that I came here adamant in the fact I was going to continue to use. I refused to accept the fact I was an addict.

I found myself being exceedingly determined to continue my ways upon my departure. Fortunately, I was blessed to meet some amazing people that worked at ERA, all of which helped me choose the correct path.

Without the love and support from the staff, I wouldn’t have been blessed with the ability to make the great strides I have achieved. I have come to the conclusion that Eagle Ranch Academy is an absolute blessing.

I would like to thank all of my staff and everybody who helped me. Thank You, Eagle Ranch Academy

-Female Student 13 years old

“ My Story”
“My story is a long one but mostly about me. I arrived in ERA in 2010. It has been a long 11 months since then but also one of the most impacting things of my life.

What got me here at ERA was disrespect, violence, drugs, dishonesty, and overall just doing what I wanted. What has changed for me the past 11 months is my attitude towards life. I have become my person, and I adjusted my direction in life.

What I appreciated about this place is that it made me open my eyes towards a new life. Thank you, ERA.”

-Male Student 16 years old

“My Story”
“I came to ERA 2015 hating myself and having no purpose for life but drugs and to push away anyone that tried to change that.

Seminar 1 was the seminar that made me start the forgiveness process with my father who wants .nothing to do with me, but most importantly it made me realize badly I did want to be sober.

At ERA I learned to forgive my dad and be okay with that fact that he is no longer around, but through seminars 2 and 3 I learned that I am enough, that I am important, and that I am capable and no one can take any of those things away from me.

I came here a high school drop out, and now I am leaving a high school graduate enrolled in college. I know my purpose in life is to help suffering addicts find their happiness in recovery and I plan to fulfill it.

I truly do believe that ERA saved my life, and changed my life into one worth living. Coming to ERA and changing was the hardest thing I ever did but easily the best thing I have ever done.”

-Male Student 15 years old

“My Story”
“I came to Eagle Ranch Academy as a person who hated herself, hated life, and couldn’t find hope or genuine reason to smile. I felt alone wherever I went and didn’t want to live anymore.

About 3 or 4 months of my stay, I started wanting to live. I started wanting to love myself and create something better for myself. I still felt like it would be impossible to love myself truly, but I tried anyway. I started working on my self-esteem and realizing that I have value and am worth something.

I admitted to myself that I am addicted to self-mutilation and committed never to harm myself again. I started liking more about who I was and everything around me.

Now, I love the woman that I have become. I know I deserve to be happy and feel confident in myself for the rest of my life. I am so excited to start my new life as this new person that I have become.

I am so thankful for all the support I have had through the struggles I have overcome. I have a whole new perspective on life and so many goals for myself that I can’t wait to achieve.”

-Female Student 16-year-old

“My Story”
“ Before coming to Eagle Ranch Academy, my life took a turn for the worse, and I was stuck in a downward spiral. I was trapped in a deep depression and was in an extremely unhealthy relationship.

As a result of my depression, I began engaging in non-working behaviors such as shoplifting, stealing from my parents, acting out, and giving up on life. Because I was throwing my life away, my parents sent me to ERA.

At first, I was angry and refused to work on myself, but after four months I began opening up to the program. Working the program has helped me to regain my self-worth and confidence.

I found a purpose in my life and am motivated to live. My relationship with my family has been rebuilt an I have learned to forgive others and even myself for what has happened in the past.

Because of ERA, I am a new person and have gotten a second chance at life.

-Male Student 14 years old

As you have read, every student that enters our program and complies with the guidance of our staff and team have rightfully earned their success. Eagle Ranch Academy is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of troubled teens.

Our purpose is to affect the lives of young men and women and their families in a way that will create an attitude of giving rather than taking while providing a solid foundation for a productive and fulfilling life.

If you or anyone you know, might be interested in more information about residential treatment centers and our program, visit our website and request your very own information packet.