Eagle Ranch Academy has partnered with Coral Sands Academy to provide the academic component of our program. Coral Sands Academy is a private online, digital learning school. It uses a state of the art technology and offers a comprehensive list of course offerings. They provide a full school curriculum for high school and junior high school. The extensive list of classes includes all the required core classes, a wide selection of elective courses, and Honors and Advanced Placement(AP) courses.

Coral Sands Academy is accredited by Cognia, formerly AdvancED    

Cognia/AdvancED is the world’s largest accrediting agency. They currently are the accreditation agency for over 34,000 educational institutions across the United States and worldwide. All credits earned through Coral Sands Academy are transferable to all junior high schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and trade schools throughout the country, and internationally.

Cognia/AdvancED Accrediting Parent Organization

  • NCA/CASI – North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement
  • SACS/CASI – Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement
  • NWAC – Northwest Accreditation Commission

Cognia/AdvancED Accreditation Standards 

  • Research-based instruction designed for more rigorous standards and assessment
  • Requirements meeting academic requirements in all fifty (50) states
  • Course credits are based on college prep curriculum
  • Advanced Placement courses as well as AP Exam Review to prep for the College Board AP exams
  • Provide students with the opportunity to acquire real-world job skills with online CTE (Career Technology Education) courses
  • Accommodate students in non-traditional learning environments with a program built for their needs

Educational Services provided through Coral Sands Academy

  • Full Academics Assessment
  • Individualized Academic Plans
  • Earn a High School Diploma or GED
  • Develop and/or Honor an IEP or a 504 plan
  • Assist in Applying and Enrolling into a College or Technical School
  • Credits/Transcripts 
  • SAT/ACT Prep Courses
  • Credit and GPA Recovery
  • Individual and Group Tutoring


Independent Educational Plans are at the heart of the success of our academic program. Eagle Ranch Academy utilizes a   “Blended Learning” academic model with each student offering both online and campus classes.  Eagle Ranch   Academy uses a powerful cutting-edge Virtual High School software as part of our Academic program. Through this system, students receive independent educational plans unique to the student’s needs to advance to the next grade level or to earn a High School diploma.

ERA’s academic program allows students to excel in any course and quickly make up for lost time in school due to previous poor performance. Upon leaving ERA, most students are either caught up with their peer class or ahead. They are taught the value of education, whereas, educational goals are developed with each student which addresses their unique talents and interests.

Eagle Ranch Academy offers core curriculum which is age and grade appropriate. Since the academic program is individualized each student is immediately set up with their own specific Academic Plan and class schedule which meets the needs of the student. The program provides students the opportunity to meet their educational goals while working on own therapeutic concerns and issues. 

Eagle Ranch Academy’s Academic Program Includes

  • Certified Teachers – Special Education Services and IEP’s are addressed and available to help the student succeed.
  • College counseling is available for students close to high school graduation. Those students who are interested have the opportunity to research colleges and then we will assist in the enrollment process of the college of their choice.
  • ACT/SAT/GED prep courses are available. (A local state college is a designated testing site and we will make arrangements for the student to take the national tests.)
  • Students are involved in educational outings throughout the year that includes Zion’s National Park, other nearby national monuments, as well as educational service projects.
  • A $1,000.00 scholarship is awarded to each ERA Program Graduate for attendance at a college, university, or trade school of the student’s choice.
  • Our goal is to meet every student where they are, help them move forward to return to their high school, prepare them for college, or whatever their next step will be.

Coral Sands/Eagle Ranch Academy’s Academic Program Is Nationally Recognized

Graduates Have Been Accepted Into The Following Schools

Louisiana State University

University of Washington
Washington State University
University of Oregon
Colorado State University
University of Utah
Utah State University
Dixie State University
Brigham Young University-Idaho
University of Colorado Boulder
Colorado State University
Colorado Mountain College
University of Idaho
Boise State University
San Diego State University
Cal State Long Beach
Cal State San Luis Obispo
College of San Mateo California
University of Connecticut
University of Massachusetts
Purdue University
University of Florida
University of Southern Florida
The University of Florida-St. Thomas
Florida State University
The University of Minnesota-St. Paul
Colorado School of Mines
University of Denver
University of Minnesota
Oregon State University
University of Nebraska
University of Illinois
University of Chicago
Southern Oregon University
Texas A&M
Fresno State University
Whittier College
Reed College
Stevenson College
Arizona State University
Grand Canyon University

This list of colleges and universities is just a sample of the schools that former students of Eagle Ranch Academy have attended since leaving our program. Many times they went directly to the school of their choice. Our high school diploma was accepted without question.