Additional Comments

Comments from a written exit interview we do with parents and students when they discharge from our program. These comments are unedited and presented just as the parents and students wrote them.



(1) Relationship with my Parents; (2) Understanding my Dad; (3) Learning my issues and how to recognize them. (KJ, 16 yr old)

(1) My relationship with mom and dad are so much better; (2) Talking to me about why I am too young for a serious relationship; (3) Getting to a safe environment. (DH, 14 yr old)

(1) The relationship with my family; (2) Relationship with Self, (3) Relationship with Step-Dad. (RC, 15 yr old)

(1) Family relationships; (2) Self esteem; (3) Anger (MS, 16 yr old)

(1) Relationship with family; (2) Loving myself; (3) Convincing me to stop smoking (DS, 15 yr old)

(1) My coping methods; (2) Communication skills; (3) Relationship skills (DL, 17 yr old)

(1) Connection with parents; (2) Sobriety (3) Anger (JS,17 yr old)

(1) Forgiveness; (2) Finding self-worth; (3) Helping my family setup a structured environment at home. (JO, 17 yr old)

(1) My anger; (2) Relationship with dad and mom; (3) Anxiety (PB, 16 yr old)

(1) Self-respect (2) Checking myself; (3) Being grateful (DH, 15 yr old)

(1) Depression; (2) Addiction; (3) Connection with parents (DL, 16 yr old)

(1) Honesty; (2) Acceptance issues; (3) Respect (MK, 14 yr old)

(1) Accepting others and myself; (2) Better ways to communicate with others; (3) Recognizing my thinking errors (EC, 17 yr old)

(1) Getting over being sexually abused; (2) helped build relationships; (3) walked me through my problems (RM, 17 yr old)

(1) Anger; (2) Addiction; (3) Relationship with dad (LI, 16 yr old)

(1) Being ok with myself; (2) Caring about others then myself; (3) How to come from my heart (PZ, 17 yr old)

(1) Healthy communications with my daughter; (2) My important role within the family; (3) Improving myself in order to have a healthier impact with my children. (Mother of a female student)

(1) Helped us to communicate better with each other; (2) Taught my child to love and respect herself; (3) Was there for my daughter through all the difficult times she was sent there for. (Mother of a female student)

(1) Slowing down to ask more questions that lead to my son to his own answers; (2) Not taking on the responsibility of everyone; (3) understanding what motivates my son. (Mother of a male student)

(1) Creating boundaries; (2) Effective communications with my daughter; (3) Our therapist was an amazing man. (Mother of a female student)

(1) Holding my grandson responsible for his choices; (2) Best ways to communicate with him; (3) To focus on myself and work on me. (Grandmother and guardian of a male student)

(1) Seeing all the things that brought our daughter to where she was; (2) Understanding the need to parent together; (3) Stressing the need for consistent parenting. (Father of a female student)

(1) Working on communications; (2) Providing perspective on our family issues; (3) Managing the emotional aspects of our communications. (Parents of a male student)

(1) How not to enable and how not to always rescue my son; (2) Communications with my son; (3) Letting go of guilt and remorse. (Mother of a male student)

(1) Connect with my grandson emotionally; (2) Verbally and honestly communications; (3) Developing healthy boundaries. (Grandfather of a male student)

(1) Communications; (2) Understanding one another; (3) Maintaining boundaries. (Mother of a male student)

(1) Communications; (2) Honesty; (3) Rebuilding our relationship as a family. (Mother of a male student)

(1) Mediation between my son and me during home contract talks; (2) Getting my son and other family members on the phone every week without fail; (3) Orienting me to the world of my son as an addict – what to do and where to go. (Mother of a male student)




She has been a gift to our family. She was a perfect fit for us. Her true love for what she does is clear as well as her gift of calling people out on their issues so they can heal. (Mother of a female student)

You know I think she is a very loving, compassionate, and competent therapist. (Mother of a female student)

He came to understand our son very quickly and gave us critical feedback about how to respond to our son while rebuilding our relationship. (Mother of male a student)

He is an amazing man and helped saved our family. (Mother of a female student)

He saw our weaknesses and helped us to improve our communications and to focus on the real issues. (Mother of a female student)

She established a good rapport with my son that really helped and was unafraid to confront him on his issues. Perhaps more individual parent counsel calls would have been helpful. (Mother of a male student)

Her ability to communicate with my son has allowed us to move forward with our lives. The Eagle Ranch Academy’s 8 Core Values truly may have saved his life. (Father of a male student)

Thank you for helping my daughter and us to grow as a family. I appreciate your straight forward approach. (Mother of a female student)

Thank you for every time you jumped into the fray and talked to us as a family and individually. We needed you so much. (Mother of a male student)

You made us all work at our issues and reconnecting as a family. We thank you for all the hard work which was worth it. (Parents of a male student)

He was a straight shooter, no sugar coating, right to the point. He is excellent and I really enjoyed working with him and I will miss him. Perfect fit for my daughter. (Father of a female student)




I really learned a lot from this program. (KJ, 16 yr old)

Eagle Ranch didn’t change who I am, Eagle Ranch changed how I think.  (KJ 16 yr old)

Eagle Ranch Academy honestly saved my life. I can’t thank you enough. (DH, 14 yr old)

EP is really an amazing staff and I’m glad I was able to meet him. He helped me change my life. (JS, 17 yr old)

The staff had an amazing impact. (DH, 14 yr old)

I did not like being away from home, but I am glad I came here and I’m glad I changed so I can have a better life. (GG, 16 yr old)

I feel this program has changed my life. (DK, 17 yr old)

Great experience. Life changing (AS, 16 yr old)

I am going to miss the people here. (AB, 16 yr old)

Thanks Eagle Ranch Academy, you have helped me come a long ways. (IL, 17 yr old)

When I first got here I felt welcomed by the staff here. I felt safe and comfortable. I realy liked the activities that were well planned; (ZP. 15 yr old)

Thank you for everything you did for me. (MB, 17 yr old)

It would be nice if I could stay in touch with my family (pod 3) to see how there are doing and to have support when I am in need. (CF, 17 yr old)

I just want to thank the staff and students of pod 1 because they helped me in so many ways. (BL, 14 yr old)

Turn the volleyball court into a pool. :o) (TC, 15 yr old)

I don’t know what to say except thank you for everything you have all done for my family and I. (ML, 16 yr old)

Even though I haven’t had a good attitude this place as really helped me. Thanks. (LM, 16 yr old)

Thank you. I’ll be back to Junior Staff. (AS, 16 yr old)

Thank you for loving and caring for my daughter when I could not. You saved her life. I can never tell you how grateful I am. (Mother of female student)

Eagle Ranch Academy saved my son – thank you. (Mother of a male student)

Thanks for saving my daughter’s life. (Father of a female student)

Yes it worked well for my grandson, or at least it appears to have been a positive event in his growth and maturity. (Grandmother of a male student)

This experience has been so much more than I hoped for. Having my son at Eagle Ranch Academy and receiving all the support and therapy that goes along with it has benefitted all my family as well as my son. This is a life changer. Many thanks. (Mother of a male student)

One year ago I was faced with one of life’s most difficult crossroads in my grandson’s future. He made a powerful decision to cast his own destination with the Eagle Ranch Academy program. We are proud of the growth and accomplishments during his journey the last eleven months.. My grandson and our family are in a better place today physically, mentally, and spiritually because of the Eagle Ranch Academy family and the program. Truly grateful. We feel this was a healthy choice for our loved one. (Grandfather of a male student)

Thank you. (Mother of a male student)

I would have like to have more information at times about my daughter, but overall it was positive experience for our family. (Mother of a female student)

I really feel that the program helped my daughter, and even though I know she will still have struggles, I think she will be able to cope. Thanks you all. (Mother of a female student0

Sending my son to Eagle Ranch Academy may have been the most difficult thing I’ve ever done as a parent, but it may have been my most courageous act as a parent too. It’s not easy to stand in the face of no agreement from loved ones, and denial; go through Al-Anon and other meetings. But your people at Eagle Ranch Academy made it all worthwhile for my son, me and my whole family. Thank you. (Mother of a male student)

You are amazing at Eagle Ranch Academy! Please keep up the great work you all do for struggling teens and their families. Your staff understands what these students need and identity to their struggling needs! Thank you so much. (Mother of a male student)

We are very pleased with the whole experience at Eagle Ranch Academy. It was the right decision for our family. (Parents of a male student)