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Letter from Parents of an ERA student

Hi Guys,

Now that were all settled in, I told Maricela I wanted to drop you a note. I cant describe how proud we are of Alex, and how much gratitude we have for everyone at Eagle Ranch. I know its probably cliché by now, but you really did save Alex’s life. Penny, you became a real factor in his life. He regards you as i you were a second mother and a true friend at the same time. You’re the only adult he’s ever wanted to talk to about his personal issues, and as you know, to the point of calling you on his own. You’ve shown him how to look at his life from a different vantage point. You’ve also made him into a young man that has a new found respect for his family and his peers, recognizing what got him into trouble before. There’s no possible way to thank you enough for what you’ve done. We will genuinely miss you and love you forever. I hope we can continue to communicate with you as Alex grows.

Dave and Paul, I need to give you special thanks for the way you treated such a troubled kid with a dignity and respect he’s never known outside the home. You gave him such hope for his future by showing him how successful he can become, in spite of his disability. You surround these kids with young adults that have been, in a lot of cases, exactly where he was, and have been able to actually return their lifes lessons to these kids. That has always impressed us about Eagle Ranch. I also want to thank you for the personal attention you have given us since our first contact. An extremely difficult process was made as easy and comfortable as it could possibly have been. Your attitude with us has always given us hope and completely removed any fears we had about entrusting you with our only son. Well never regret the hardest decision we ever had to make in our lives, because of you. Alex has high hopes of returning as a successful young man, to share his experiences after his stay, as did the two students present at his ceremony. He is also excited about the possibility of being able to be of any help in staffing seminars in the future.

Maricela and I both feel Alex has proven he’s learned the 8 Core Values, and is demonstrating them to us on a daily basis. His impulsivity may cause him some bumps in the road, but considering where he began and comparing it to where he is today, we feel he graduated the program with honors. As you know, I’m always glad to talk to parents anticipating sending their child to Eagle Ranch, and will always be available for them. I would also be proud if you used my comments as a testimonial on your website.

Our Most Sincere and Heartfelt Thanks,

Steve, Maricela and Alex

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