Change Behavior with Values

Since our goal is to change long term behavior, at Eagle Ranch Academy we use a Value Based Behavior Change Model that has been developed and refined over a lengthy period of time. We have seen it work countless times for over 10 years. If ERA is a good fit for your child, it will work for him/her as well.

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Most programs operate on the premise that if behaviorally the child is doing well in the program, that the child will continue to behave upon returning home. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true. At Eagle Ranch Academy our highly trained Professional and Clinical Teams consistently test and challenge students to determine whether the program is affecting long term behavioral change. This is done through a variety of methods, all of which are based on the student’s ability to voluntarily make choices without being manipulated into change.  We want to be a long term solution, not short term.

ERA’s 8 Core Values

ACCOUNTABILITY. I will be Accountable for the things that happen in my life.

HONESTY. I will be Honest in all my relationships.

FORGIVENESS. I will Forgive everyone, including those that have hurt me.

ACCEPTANCE. I will Accept who I am and not seek the Acceptance of others.

INTEGRITY. I will always be the same person, whether in front of people or behind closed doors.

RESPECT. I will Respect others and myself.

TRUST. I will earn the Trust that I have lost and take the risk of trusting others.

SERVICE. I will give back to others because I have been given much.

We believe in using natural and logical consequences. This behavior change approach works from the inside out and helps a student learn to problem solve the issues which they may face. We teach the students to make the right choices because it is the right thing to do. Thus, we are different than “Behavior Modification” programs.

Behavior Modification Programs use physical rewards, point systems, and levels to motivate a student to modify their behavior. This emphasizes instant rewards which as we all know is not what the real world is like. This is why Behavior Modification methods tend to produce temporary results, whereas the Eagle Ranch Academy Value Based Behavior Change Program produces internalized core values which lead to life long change.

Our Choice Based program helps students internalize those important eight core values and provides them with useful and effective tools to deal with issues they will face in the real world. Upon completion of ERA’s program, your son/daughter will be better prepared to independently make right choices and have good, healthy, meaningful relationships. This helps reunite families.