Therapy and Medical Treatment at Eagle Ranch Academy

• Four (4) full-time Master Level Therapists, licensed through the State of Utah.
• Individual and family therapy. 
• Family therapy by telephone or via our HIPAA-approved video-conferencing application. Weekly family support webinars.
• Group therapy one time a week with a therapist. (Includes Cognitive (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral
(DBT), Sexual Abuse/Issues, Grief Groups, Gender-Specific Issues, Anger Management, etc.)
• Some other therapy modalities used in group and/or individual includes but not limited to are -Trauma Therapy (EMDR, TFCBT), Crisis Management, Experiential, Social Skills Training, Bond and Attachment Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, 12-Step/NA/Relapse Prevention/Smart Recovery, Mindfulness, Psycho-Education Therapy, Instructional Interviews, Art and Music Therapy
• A member of our psychiatric team on campus once a week for medication management.

• Student evaluations during the initial 20 days after enrollment includes:
– Psychiatric team evaluations
– Academic Assessment
– Medical/Physical Evaluation
– Drug test
• Psychiatric team on campus once a week and on-call 24/7.
• PA-C (Physicians Assistant) on campus once a week and on-call 24/7.
• Full-time nurse (RN or LPN) on campus every weekday and on-call 24/7.
• RN, LPN, or CNA on campus on weekends.
• Two (2) medical hospitals and two (2) Insta-Care facilities within 8 miles of campus.
• Drug or Addiction Rehabilitation.
• Every morning, each student will do goal setting, and every night they have a group to process the day.
• Daily core value discussions.
• Additional classes, groups, and seminars will be incorporated throughout our Program.
• Nightly journaling before lights out.