After Care Program

An integral part of our program is the After Care component. We understand the transition home can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience. We do not believe in out-sourcing our after care. No one knows your child or family situation better than we do so it doesn’t make sense to allow someone else to provide your after care. Plus, we don’t want families to have to spend additional money and resources after the commitment you made to place your child in our program.

We have spent months working with you and your child and we believe strongly in continuing with our involvement. It is our commitment to stay connected and to be a life line for your child and family long beyond their enrollment in our program.

Since we begin the plan for transition early on in the program this provides you and your family enough time to address those items that are critical to success. We believe the most important time frame is the first month following your child leaving our program. We will walk along side of your child and family during this most important phase as we gradually help them to make a complete transition.

Our After Care Program Includes:

• A full time Aftercare Coordinator on staff who will develop and implement a positive support system prior to transition back home. They will help identify a good support group at home who will help mentor your child, AA/NA meetings (if appropriate), etc.

• Phone calls to student and parents weekly during initial 30 days home, then bi-weekly.

• Aftercare Coordinator phone calls with both student and family as long as needed (years not just months or weeks).

• An opportunity for the former ERA students to return to campus as a junior staff. This allows them to stay engaged and to    give back to the students that are here.

Our Aftercare Program is provided at no extra cost.