Why should I choose Eagle Ranch Academy and what sets you apart from the rest?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask. We have chosen to limit the number and types of students we allow in our program. We do not take students for the sake of taking them. We are not in the business to see how big we can get, and have made the decision to keep our enrollment below licensed capacity.

We are a Choice Based program using a Core Value Behavior Change approach, that was  designed and developed by Eagle Ranch.  We teach and emphasize eight basic core values through group therapy, individual and family therapy, books, written assignments, oral presentations, service projects, etc. These core values are: Accountability, Honesty, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Integrity, Respect, Trust, and Service. We believe in using natural and logical consequences. This behavior change approach works from the inside out and helps a student learn to problem solve the issues which they face. We teach the students to make the right choices because it is the right thing to do. Thus, we are different than “Behavior Modification” programs.

Our Choice Based program helps students internalize those important eight core values and provides them with useful and effective tools to deal with issues they will face in the real world. Upon completion of ERA’s program, your son/daughter will be better prepared to independently make right choices and have good, healthy, meaningful relationships. We help reunite families.

What type of students are enrolled at Eagle Ranch Academy?

Eagle Ranch Academy’s main focus is with students struggling in different areas of their lives. Many of our students have gone down the wrong path because of the decisions they have made. All of our students have needs, but because of the individualized approach we take, and the complete assessment we provide prior to enrollment, we are able to maintain a balanced student population that provides for a real life like environment, and proves to be very healthy for all of our students. Many of these students will have an opportunity to be the leaders of tomorrow. Our Program is an intervention program, and is intended to be implemented before a child enters the judicial system, and although there are special situations when a child is released by the court to attend ERA, it is after careful consideration by our Review Team.

What involvement will the Parents have with the ERA Program?

We believe the role of the parent and family is essential in the overall long term success of the student. While your child is at ERA, there will be weekly phone calls, including social calls from the student, individual therapy calls from the therapist, and family therapy calls from the therapist  with the student and parents. In addition, we have a secured area on our website called the Parent Page, for you to monitor the progress of your child. And, an important part of our Program is the Emotional Growth Seminars and Work Shops for both students and parents.

What types of insurance plans does ERA accept?

We do NOT accept Medicaid from any State. We do accept and work with most insurance companies and networks. For example; Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, BCBS, Cigna, Centene, HCSC, Health Net, Highmark, Humana, Magellan, Mayo Clinic Health Solutions, Molina, Regence, Screen Actors Guild, SAG-AFTRA, self-funded plans, various union plans, WellCare, and others. Please provide your insurance information so we can do a verification of insurance benefits!

Will you provide assistance on securing funds and/or insurance money?

Yes. ERA is the only facility (we are aware of) which provides an expert Funding Consultant for you to talk with and who will provide assistance in finding resources to help you fund the Program for your son/daughter. Our Funding Consultant has 30+ years of experience in the finance world. ERA provides this resource at no cost to you.

We also have a full time Insurance Specialist and excellent Billing Team who work directly with your insurance company to submit insurance claims, etc. Please note however, as healthcare providers must indicate; it is your insurance policy and you are ultimately responsible for pursuing claims AND for the costs of your child’s stay at ERA.

How long can we expect our child to be at Eagle Ranch Academy?

The time will vary depending on your child, but typically the length of stay can be 9 to 12 months.  Our goal is to help your child address and deal with their issues, get healthy, and home in the most timely way possible. We can’t and don’t force a student through our Choice-Based Program. The time it takes for a student to progress through and complete the Program depends on many factors, including issues involved, the length of time the issues have been present, and how the student engages in the process.

Is your academic program accredited?

Yes.  Our academic program is provided through Coral Sands Academy, an online virtual high school that has been providing private education for several years. Coral Sands Academy is nationally, as well as internationally, recognized and fully accredited through Cognia, formly AdvancED.  In conjunction with Coral Sands Academy will develop an individualized academic program your child will benefit from regardless of the grade level.  Your child’s academic program is an important part of our overall program; and the credits earned at ERA will be transferable to any high school, college, or university in the country.

Does Eagle Ranch Academy provide an After Care Program?

Yes, we have an Aftercare Program. Portions of our Aftercare Program is provided at no extra cost. However, for our expanded Aftercare, there may be a small monthly fee.

Does Eagle Ranch Academy have any religious affiliation?

No. ERA is nondenominational and not affiliated with any one religious sect. We do recognize each student’s right to practice a religion of their choosing, and we do believe it is important to have some spiritual component in daily life. The practice of religious beliefs is on a voluntary basis and the withholding of this right as a disciplinary action is strictly forbidden. Students receive reflective time each day for spiritual growth and opportunity to attend a church service. Parents can also arrange for a member of one’s clergy to come to our campus to meet with your child.

What items should I send with my child?

ERA provides all of the clothing for your child, including warm outerwear. The only clothing item you need to send with your child is a pair of athletic type shoes. Your child will be provided all other items needed including clothing, bedding, towels, personal self care items, etc. All students are required to adhere to the dress code of Eagle Ranch Academy. Upon completion of the Program all clothing items return home with your child.

ERA Finance Options

  • Insurance. ERA provides assistance in billing your insurance company. Please note that this billing service is for your convenience, but Parents/Guardians are still responsible for full payment via credit or debit card the 1st of each month, or check or cash 6 months ahead.

Students may enroll at any time during the year – Programs are individualized. The Student Evaluation is Thorough – But very SIMPLE & QUICK to accommodate Students that may need to enroll on a crisis basis.

Upon Students acceptance to ERA – Parents will receive a complete Parent Pack & Check List with all the necessary details; and one on one consultation with our Admissions Director to ensure the process is SIMPLE & QUICK.

Parent Pack includes:
• All necessary forms
• Transport/escort service information
• Intake Process Information
• List of personal items needed and/or provided
• Important contact information
• Other