Our world is rapidly evolving into a digital realm and this comes hand in hand with cell phone addiction. And this transition to cell phones has helped children across the globe to set foot into the tech-savvy world. 

In the era of digitization, the growing use of cell phones is a major reason for concern amongst scientists. Excessive usage of cell phones has links with anxiety, depression, and many other fatal illnesses. Adolescents are usually engrossed in their phones, and the usage rate is spiking every day. As per 2016 research, half of the total teenage group have the cell phone addiction. In contrast, 78% check their devices now and then. This statistic in itself is alarming, seeing the growing interest of teenage boys in cell phones.

The use of smartphones is keeping teenagers aware of their surroundings. It is also distancing them from their natural habitat and causing a strong inclination towards the virtual world. Leading psychiatrists and de-addiction experts claim that teens are becoming violent with the use of smartphones and facing developmental delays. 

Technology is a complex web, and teens have almost cracked the code. It is an agreed fact that being an adolescent in this era is relatively stressful from what it was earlier. They have to keep up their image amongst their peers, but there is a thin line between understanding the difference between a friend and a foe. So the question here is that is mobile phones playing a vital role in the life of teenagers? 

What are the teenage cell phone addiction symptoms? 

As the stats suggest, there are many reasons to worry about. According to the 2018 Pew Research Report, 45% of teenagers are very consistent in using the internet, and 44% can go online several times a day.

The rate is alarming enough, as 95% of the teens have access to a smartphone. So what are the signs to watch out for to understand potential symptoms of cellphone addiction:

  • Using a mobile phone while performing other activities, including driving
  • using the phone during family gatherings
  • The sudden urge to check mobile notifications
  • Becoming anxious when not close to the smartphone
  • Distancing oneself completely from family members or friends 
  • Inability to sleep causing insomnia
  • Constantly checking the mobile phone and believing that there is a notification
  • Feeling lonely without a cell phone

Wasting a lot of time on the phone and multiple other symptoms indicates whether a person is addicted or not. In simple words, for teenage boys, the smartphone is becoming more of a limb than a tool.

The smartphone is one of the most successful inventions of the 20s. But this does not limit the fact that the side effects of this device can affect a person mentally. Hence it is advisable to use phones judiciously and conduct self-assessment actively.

How is smartphone addiction impacting your son?

We often blame the children for the amount of time they spend on gadgets. But, do we, as parents monitor the screen time of our children? Certainly not. However, at one point, this reliance on cell phones can turn into teenage addiction. 

The immoderate use of cell phones is causing harmful health effects. As per modern researchers, the menacing problem connects cell phones and cancer. Although the data remains confidential. 

Obsession with smartphones is not only making teenagers violent but also distracting them from studies or outdoor activities. It is because of these reasons; teens are now conveniently building a wall around themselves and confining their imaginations. The obsession is extremely triggering as children indulge in certain activities like cyber-bullying, inflicting injuries on themselves, and in extreme cases, blackmailing is becoming widely prevalent.

Many scientists and leading psychologists are also blaming parents for providing their toddlers with smartphones for convenience. It is now that the parents are getting worried about the extremities they see in their child’s behavior. 

5 Ways To Help Your Son With Cell Phone addiction

Parents usually like to talk to their children about the ill effects of mobile phones. Still, it is followed by horrific events of negligence for their kids. Thus, we need to figure out the ideal approach to talk about such issues with teens and develops their confidence.

As the debates of how teenagers will function in society in the future are pointing towards the fact that they will not be as active they are supposed to be.  parents are apprehensive about such factors.

Talking from a teenage kid’s perspective, parents often take phones away to punish kids. It does the job, but teens will start pulling many tricks up their sleeves and being dishonest, which is not suitable for the future.

To curb the addiction, parents should:

Monitor the screen time: 

To help sons with cell phone addiction, parents should start monitoring the device. Thus, after taking control of the device, they should gradually reduce the restrictions causing ease.

Don’t be an aggressive parent: 

Being aggressive is only going to cause harm. Instead, build a conversation with the children and tell them about how you have tackled the problem by keeping a check on your habits.

Show them the brighter side: 

Try to let kids know about the benefits of smartphones rather than telling them the bad side. Yes, this may sound different, but it will help. Put your agenda of benefits forward and then brush it all under the carpet to inform them about how smartphones can creep slowly in moments of joy.

Sit together and form an association:

The essential step that parents can take to help their son with cell phone addiction then talk. Talk about specific rules, and specify timings to a few things, including smartphone use in the house.

Do research on your part:

Being a parent, it’s essential to do your part preliminary research about the ins and outs of cell phones. Talking to your children calmly about the harm mobile phones are causing can also work wonders. Just make sure you serve it well between your average conversation.

Children follow their parents ardently, and if there are specific mutually established grounds, they will be taking part without being disrespectful. Being a good role model, following what you preach will help children build connections with the environment.

Final take:

Modern-day parenting is challenging as much as it is wholesome, and there are several reasons for parents to worry about. With growing advancements in technology, smartphones are definitely a boon that can aid the holistic development of your child but taking precautions priorly will safeguard the future of your child.
Teens today feel an immense level of pressure; there are no two ways about it. They use technology in and out of their online classrooms. Thus, their screen time has increased significantly, becoming a matter of concern for parents. Therefore, if you are still struggling with putting a bracket on your teen’s screen-time, consult a professional. A professional will consult your teenage girl and make her aware of the negative and the positive sides. Eagleranchacademy has a team of experts that helps in changing the behavioral model of your teens.