Pyramid-of-SuccessThroughout this life we are so gifted to have, we are constantly faced with heaping obstacles. Here at Eagle Ranch Academy, located in majestic St. George, Utah, we specialize in guiding teens towards success in conjunction with a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Our main method in teaching these teens about self-discovery includes what we call the pyramid of success. We believe this methodology to be very valuable to the teens we treat here at our facility. The 8 core values we focus on are:

ACCOUNTABILITY: I will be Accountable for the things that happen in my life.

The sooner they learn this value, the sooner they will feel more respect for themselves. This involves being able to admit when you are wrong. Own your mistakes and more importantly, learn from them.

HONESTY: I will be honest in all my relationships.

Relationships prosper in divine ways when each person is honest. Without a doubt, possessing the ability to be honest in all circumstances will strengthen the heart.

FORGIVENESS: I will Forgive everyone, including those that have hurt me.

Forgiveness will fulfill empty spaces in one’s heart. No matter the hurt someone might have caused, forgiveness will always recharge the weaknesses we tend to latch onto in life.

ACCEPTANCE: I will Accept who I am and not seek the Acceptance of others.

First, and most importantly, accept who you are. Know yourself inside and out. Become the individual that you always dreamed of becoming. Accept failures and prosper from them. Acceptance will push you towards success and will help you adapt to any situation.

INTEGRITY: I will always be the same person, whether in front of people or behind closed doors.

It’s all about being a real person. Always speak honestly. Don’t change, but do consider who you’re talking to.

RESPECT: I will Respect others and myself.

First and foremost, respect yourself. The lack of respecting oneself can interfere with the respect you have for others. Treat others how you want to be treated. Hopefully you want to be treated with love and grace.

TRUST: I will earn the Trust that I have lost and take the risk of trusting others.

Risk is essential to understanding yourself, especially when you are giving someone else the benefit of the doubt. Doing this will bring clarity to who is trustworthy and who is not. Prove the people wrong that don’t believe you are capable of a better life, but do it humbly. Trust and success go hand in hand.

SERVICE: I will give back to others because I have been given much.

Giving is the greatest gift in the world that doesn’t cost anything but a little bit of thoughtfulness. Give a smile to a stranger and you will be astounded.

All of these values are within the reach of every child or teen. These steps will pave the way to impeccable problem solving skills. Nobody lacks the potential to reach success and do amazing things in this world.