Change your life with these easy to implement steps

Change-Your-LifeAnyone who has ever achieved anything knows that success doesn’t come easy. In order to change your life it will take time, determination, and often overcoming roadblocks, dead ends, disappointments, bad decisions, and often failures. But these are just the stepping-stones to your road to success.  To change your life you must be willing to see these things as learning experiences and all part of the path.

Many who have reached success have first had to hit rock bottom. Then out of the ashes like a phoenix they rose! It’s that moment of low that gave them the motivation to make dramatic changes in their life and propel them towards success. You don’t have to wait until rock bottom to change your life however, you may have woken up one morning and realized you aren’t living the life you want. Accept where you are at, and more importantly, accept the responsibility of getting you to where you want to be.

Here are a few tips to help you change your life.

    • Read Daily
      In order to change your life, you have to start making smart and healthy decisions. To recognize the decisions that you should be making you need to equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to do so. Reading a few pages everyday from an inspiring, motivational, and intelligent book can widen your understanding and your decision process. Aim towards reading at least one book per month.Make sure what you are reading is positive. Don’t read fictitious novels. Pick up a book that is going to empower you, not entertain you. There is a large array of non-fiction book categories that you can choose from. Reading a person’s autobiography or biography can be incredibly motivating and you can apply some of what they have done to your own life. Or you can read books that lean towards spirituality, productivity, self-help, success, and more.


    • Start Exercising
      This sounds like a strange one to add, but working out can be extremely helping to change your life. In order to gain a boost in energy, drink more water. This immediately boosts your levels. It helps replenish your system, improve your digestion, and eliminate waste from your body. Often we confuse dehydration for tired or hungry.Exercise for at least 30 minute, at least 3 times a week. Exercise gives you endorphins, which are a happy chemical. This is often referred to as “runner’s high.” Regular exercise strengthens your body and your mind. Plus, it’s a great time for you to not be bothered by outside forces. It’s your time to have quiet around you and really think. This can help you figure out what needs to be accomplished next in your road to success or what changes you would like to make.


    • Stop Complaining
      We all understand that sometimes venting is required and you just need to get what you are feeling out, but no one wants to be around someone that only complains, that type of negativity isn’t healthy for anyone. Besides, complaining about a situation wont change it. Instead, start becoming proactive, and focus on finding a solution to the problem. Put all the energy you would have been complaining about the issue into solving it.If talking to someone about the problem is still needed, talk to a professional. They are there to listen and give the best advice to your situation. They are there to help you, and no one else. Your friends and family are there to support and encourage you, not to solve your problems.


    • Learn on Your Commute
      Did you know that a person who has a full time job spends anywhere from 5-10 hours a week in their car commuting to and from work? Instead of listening to the radio or a playlist, start listening to books on tape or inspiring talks. There’s a plethora of podcasts nowadays and there are some great ones out there aimed at inspiring or motivating individuals. Give them a search and find which ones speak to you and start absorbing their information. With an abundance of great content on virtually every subject at your disposal, you don’t have to be in a classroom to get more education.


    • Learn a New Skill
      If you’re listening to podcasts and motivation information, you’ll want to start doing something. You’ll start feeling that itch to create or do. This is when you should learn a new skill. Make sure that whatever you are putting your energy into you are getting something out of. Learning a new skill is exciting. Learn to play an instrument, or speak a new language. Join a club or take a class, take up painting or a sport you love. This will help ignite your sense of wonder and creativity, while simultaneously getting you out of your comfort zone and into new experiences and around new people.


  • Stop Watching TV
    Do you pay for your television service? Cancel it. This is the first step in cutting out television. Watching television can be consuming, toxic, and unproductive. Stop wasting precious hours of your day on negative news, sports, advertisements, and reality shows that add no real value to your life. Start using those hours on things that are going to advance you in life.Don’t think you can give up television completely. That’s okay. Make sure to cut it down however. And then make watching the show a treat. Invite friends and family over to watch it, or allow it to play in the background while you practice your painting or new skill that you are learning. Don’t make the show your main focus. Make the people around you or the skill you’re mastering the main focus.

Stick around and read our blog next week for part 2!