concerned-parentAre you a concerned parent?

Parents are often concerned about sending their child away to a treatment program. The fact is that sending a child away is often hard for a parent because it can make them feel like they have failed as a parent, but this isn’t true!

Sometimes we are ill equipped for what our teenagers go through. As generations go by and new trends and styles come around, parents are often left not knowing what their teenager is going through. In addition, parents are left without the skills to handle their teens.

This is not any of the parent’s fault, however, this is just a changing of times and environment very different from how most parents were raised. Many parents just don’t know what is happening with their teen and need help, which is why we’re here to help you understand that it’s perfectly normal to be a concerned parent.

Eagle Ranch Academy is here to help. Each individual is different and we understand that. We know that what your child is going through is not the same thing as the child next door to them, their friends in school, or even their siblings. No one can truly know what your child is going through except them, but here at Eagle Ranch, we have trained specialists that understand your child and know the best route for them. Our specialists are trained to know how to reach your child and also have very effective ways of making them respond in ways they never have before.

Many times, a change of environment is what your child needs. You have tried all other options; outpatient programs, professional therapists and counselors, and more, all without success. It’s possible that a change of environment is the only thing that is going to help your child. Getting away from the typical everyday stressors, peers, and stimuli that could be bringing on this behavior is one of the best solutions to the problem, believe it or not.

Other stimuli—more positive ones—are available to your child at Eagle Ranch Academy. We take your child out of the environment that could have negative, emotional, and behavioral triggers, and replace them with positive ones.

At Eagle Ranch Academy we implement 8 core values into your child’s environment to help them readjust.

ACCOUNTABILITY. I will be Accountable for the things that happen in my life.

HONESTY. I will be Honest in all my relationships.

FORGIVENESS. I will Forgive everyone, including those that have hurt me.

ACCEPTANCE. I will Accept who I am and not seek the Acceptance of others.

INTEGRITY. I will always be the same person, whether in front of people or behind closed doors.

RESPECT. I will Respect others and myself.

TRUST. I will earn the Trust that I have lost and take the risk of trusting others.

SERVICE. I will give back to others because I have been given much.

With these positive traits implemented into their everyday environments, their attitudes will begin to change and they will begin to take accountability for their actions and want to improve. We want to give you and your child the tools to be able to communicate effectively and be a happy and healthy family unit rather than always having to be a concerned parent.

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