become-more-trustworthyTRUST: I will earn the Trust that I have lost and take the risk of trusting others.

Risk is essential to understanding yourself, especially when you are giving someone else the benefit of the doubt. Doing this will bring clarity to who is trustworthy and who is not. Prove the people wrong that don’t believe you are capable of a better life, but do it humbly. Trust and success go hand in hand.

Here at Eagle Ranch Academy, we take passion in showing our students that to become more trustworthy is key. We first need to trust ourselves as well as being capable of trusting others and knowing when someone is not trustworthy.

If your teen is struggling with the concept of trust, we are here to help.

Often times, people tend to forget that trust is a two way street. In order to fully understand what it takes to become more trustworthy, we’ve got to realize that if we put trust out there it will most likely be returned. The people that will return the trust are the ones you need to surround yourself with.

Here are some tips on how to help your teen become more trustworthy:

Step 1: Trust yourself.

Trusting ourselves is extremely important, especially if one’s situation has anything to do with addiction. In order to develop trust within ourselves, we need to establish what is best for us. What makes us happy? When are the moments you feel so extremely gratified? Are you aware of the times when you know, ethically and morally, you shouldn’t be doing something? It’s so critical for one to comprehend these things in order to become more trustworthy, and after that accomplishment, being capable of trusting others.

Step 2: Trust others.

As I mentioned before, trust is a two way street, just like any relationship you develop with anybody. Trust is rare these days so we need to be aware of why it’s so consequential. Trusting others is definitely a risk that not many people are willing to take, however, it’s crucial if you want to feel successful and grateful for your own sake. Also, if you are willing to take the risk to trust someone and give them the benefit of the doubt, do it wholeheartedly and expect nothing less. If they are someone of their word, then keep them around. The day anybody shows a sign of distrust, be cautious. Once they’ve proven the fact that they can’t be trustworthy, don’t spend your valuable time trying to trust them. Put your vale of trust into the people who are going to give it back.

Step 3: Realize that taking risks will enlighten you in new and profound ways.

If you’ve decided to trust someone and then they went off and gave you every reason not to trust them, don’t be opposed to forgiving them one day. Risk it. If they do it again, confront them and let them know that it’s not okay, but trust yourself to know when they are being worthy of their word or not. You will learn some of the most valuable lessons this way, the hard way.

To become more trustworthy is to gain more integrity, more honesty, and more gratitude. Risk things in life, especially trusting someone you never thought you could. Forgiveness goes hand in hand with trust. By learning to trust yourself and others when you didn’t think it was possible, your eyes will start to open wide up and see different perspectives.

Why Trust is Important | 3 Tips That Will Help Your Teen Become More Trustworthy