troubled-teenTeens are hard work, no one will argue otherwise, and having a troubled teen can add many more stressors to a family.

Here at Eagle Ranch Academy, we’re here to help you cope with a troubled teen that you may be dealing with. We want to show them what it’s like to live a life full of love, responsibility, integrity, success, happiness, etc. It’s our goal to place them back on the path towards fulfillment. We want to see them succeed.When an individual hits the teenage years their whole makeup changes. They go through puberty, they are thrown into junior high and high school, and all the while going through these intense emotional and hormonal changes internally. Life can get extremely tough sometimes. They are trying to fit in with their peers and are being pressured about figuring out what they want to do with their future. What college should they attend? Are their grades good enough Can they afford it? Can they receive a scholarship?  What about student loans? Has anyone prepared them for paying those off? What are they going to study? In a sense, everyone struggles with this. These are life changing questions that teens are forced to contemplate.

Did you know that a person’s brain is still developing and doesn’t reach full maturity until they are in their mid-20s? That means your teen is processing information much differently than you. According to biology, the frontal cortex—the part of the brain used to manage emotions, make decisions, reasons, and control inhibitions—is restructured during the teenage years, forming new synapses at an incredible rate. If you’re feeling like you cannot connect to your teen, or that you are having trouble understanding them, don’t feel bad, it’s science! Remember, they may just need a little boost of guidance; a little encouragement that will make them eager to overcome whatever it is they’re going through.

It’s important to know if your teen is just going through the typical teenage mood swings, or if there is more to it and they are in need of help. Remember that your child is just that, a kid still. While they are being confronted with these large life decisions that many adults even struggle with, added with the pressures of high school and puberty. Your child needs to receive your attention, support, and unconditional love; this is a universal need of anyone.

There are several things that all teens will go through and experience because of the changes going on within them, and these are important to watch, however, if their actions or attitudes become more extreme it may be time to step in and seek help.

With our 8 core values, let us help your troubled teen, as well as your family, triumph over these hardships. Let us show them that anything is possible. Nothing in life is impossible. We just have to have faith and know our worth because we are truly capable of overcoming the most miserable of times in this life. There is great value to failure, as well as significant value to learning from those failures and applying that knowledge to future situations.

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