change your lifeIf you haven’t read how to Change Your Life Part 1 go ahead, we’ll wait.

  • Write Down Your Goals

You have to have goals to know what you want to accomplish. You may often think about doing something in your lifetime, instead of having it randomly pop into your head, write it down. Putting your goals on paper makes them more concrete. Sit down one day and brainstorm all of your goals. Writing them down will give you a visual of everything you would like to accomplish in your life.

Once you can view all of your goals and make modifications, give them deadlines. Stop and think about everything that you will need to do in order to complete each goal, one at a time and then figure out how long it will take to put all of those pieces together. Don’t worry if you don’t meat your deadline, as long as you are making progress, you are on the right track.

Then post your goals somewhere that you will see them. And don’t allow them to become the background of your scenery. Make sure you take just a few minutes out of each day to really sit and ponder your goals and the next steps you need to take to crossing each and everyone off.

  • Surround Yourself With Positive Encouraging People

We often have friends that we care about, but who are negative and draining on our spirits and emotions. Start surrounding yourself with positive people. People who motivate you and inspire you to be a better you, and more importantly people who encourage you to achieve your goals.

Gradually decrease the amount of time you spend with people who bring you down instead of raising you up. Use the time you would be spending with these people to build new relationships with positive influences as well as working towards bettering yourself.

  • Start a Saving Account

This might sound a bit weird, but starting a savings account is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. Watching the numbers go up gives you a great feeling plus it helps your life become more on track. Start saving a minimum of 10% of your monthly income. This will help you feel good about things. You’ll know that if something comes up you’ll be able to handle it financially, and because you’ll be able to handle it financially, you’ll be able to handle it emotionally and mentally.

And make sure that you are paying yourself first. Too often we work hard for our money and then pay everyone else first, and ourselves last. In order to change your life, you’ll have to change your way of thinking. If you don’t think you’ll be able to make this change yourself, go into the bank or your payroll department and ask that a portion of each deposit go into a separate account. Your future self will thank you for this change in your life today.

  • Take a Course

We recommend public speaking. Public speaking is one place that many people struggle and are not comfortable. If you push yourself into experiences that make you uncomfortable but are profitable, you’ll change your life for the better. You’ll become a master of communicating with others and be able to communicate articulately. This will boost your confidence in social settings, and it’s one of the most valuable skills in the marketplace today. Being able to communicate will help you navigate through life with ease and more success that those who cannot.

Take a chance stepping out of your comfort zone and we guarantee the rewards will pay off. It’s one of the first steps in order to change your life for the long term.

  • Get Involved

Start looking for opportunities to help others. This will help add purpose to your life and it will help put things into perspective for you. Many people out there struggle on many different levels. Helping others make a change can help you make a change in your own life.

Too often we think of what we can receive rather than what we can give to others. Giving ignites the receiving process. And there’s no better way to feel good about yourself than helping someone who is in need.

  • Start a Business

There’s never a better time to start a business than the now.  Because of the world of technology that is all around us, there is virtually nothing that isn’t available to us.  Find something that you love doing and turn it into a business.  This doesn’t mean you have to give up your 9-5, but turn that hobby into something that gives you more fulfillment.

This will force you to put time into what you love, and there’s hardly anything better than doing what you love and making a profit off of it.  Starting a business will add purpose to your life and give you a place to put your energy into.  Make sure that whatever and wherever you are placing your energy and time, it’s doing something to benefit you.  We often put our energy into things because we think being busy means we are being productive.  But if it’s not conducive to your wellbeing or future, stop doing it.  Start placing your energy and time into more beneficial places, like starting a business.

We hope you are ready to change your life and you begin to apply these to your days. And if you missed our part 1, you can read all about the first 6 ways to change your life here.