Wilderness Therapy allows for fewer distractions and a greater attention span for teens.

eagle ranch academy wilderness therapy programHere at Eagle Ranch we help to inspire the kind of self-motivated change that is reliant upon a reflective therapeutic alliance between the client and the therapeutic team. This kind of teamwork requires us to maintain a staff that is creative, caring authentically engaged, and thoroughly trained. But more than anything, it requires a genuine respect for our clients.

We help young people make amazing life changes every day.

We want to encourage self-motivated change, the kind that lasts a lifetime. This type of change doesn’t last because of environmental factors and disappears once clients leave the therapeutic environment. Because it is a self-motivated change, it becomes a lifestyle change.

Having our treatment center located in the beautiful Southern Utah landscape allows for greater capacity of attention to the process, developing closer and stronger relationships with staff and peers. This allows for a quicker gain of understanding into previous unhealthy behavior.

Psychology and counseling research shows that treatment effect multipliers, like a wilderness environment, can increase the success of traditional therapy. Treatment that takes place in a wilderness setting can create a longer lasting effect than treatment that takes place indoors.

Wilderness therapy can often help clients who have struggled with other treatment options. It eagle ranch wilderness therapycan work for issues where other more traditional treatments have failed. Wilderness therapy creates change more rapidly than convention treatment can offer.

Wilderness therapy has the capability of helping even the most unwilling teens to become more open to treatment, and it can help those who are struggling with denial about their substance use. It can help teens become aware of their addiction and can increase their willingness to change. Wilderness therapy allows those who struggle with depression and anxiety to come to terms with their struggle and find lasting contentment and serenity.

Being placed in a more natural environment has shown through studies, to allow for a higher capacity for paying attention. This means that nature and the wilderness can reduce symptoms of ADHD and improve attention for those not struggling with ADHD.

Natural environments are less distracting for teens and allow them to be more capable of focusing on their therapy. This allows the treatments to be more beneficial and effective to teens.

Eagle Ranch is dedicated to building positive personal relationships with our clients and their families. We seek to create the best environment for teens and utilize the attention building aspects of being surrounded by nature better than most wilderness therapy programs.