own-your-mistakes-eagle-ranch-academyDid you know that your brain makes blind spots that can make it hard for us to truthfully assess our actions? This makes it difficult for us to accept responsibility for our actions and the consequences that follow.

Our ego’s defense system is often hard to counter act, but it can be done. You must make the effort to take responsibility for your life and own your mistakes, instead of using self-justification for our actions. This is incredibly worthwhile.


You Start Making Better Decisions

Our ego constantly makes self-justifications, which then distorts reality. The more we make self-justifications the more we begin to live in an alternate reality from everyone around us. This can cause us to have warped actions and emotions. This cannot only affect the way that you act but who you let into your life. It is only after we learn to stop making self-justifications that we can begin to look at the people and actions that we have allowed into our lives and see them clearly for what they are. Often times it’s a mentor that helps us to make this realization and change in our lives.

It’s important to honestly and accurately look at your actions. This will allow you to make better decisions in your life.

You Stop Allowing Little Problems to Become Big Problems

If you begin making better decisions by putting your ego aside, it will allow you to let go of small problems without blowing them out of proportion, or allowing them to grow and get out of hand. If you are making better decisions, that means that hopefully you are handling anything that comes up as it comes up, instead of letting it snowball.

If you allow problems to get out of hand they can cause contention in other areas of your life, including your personal life and your work. Make smart decisions in the beginning and also realize when it’s time to let things go and it’ll help you from turning little problems into larger ones.

You Learn from Your Mistakes

This seems like the simplest thing in the world. However if you’re not able to look at your actions honestly then it can be hard to own up to the fact that you have made a mistake in the first place. But if you begin to look at things objectively and understand when you are in the wrong, this allows you to learn from them. Learn to view your actions from the point of views of others and see what you might have done wrong and how you can fix it in the future.

You Gain the Respect of Others

When we make mistakes we often don’t want other to know about them, or we would like to deny them. However, when you own up to your mistakes and acknowledge them, people gain respect for you. There might still be consequences from your actions however apologizing for them and being honest about them, allows people to appreciate that you are working on yourself and owning your actions.

You Build Your Relationships

When self-justification happens, it can harm relationships. It places blame on others, and that blame can build more and more. When you begin to accept your part in mistakes that have happened, it will instead, strengthen your relationships. People can see that you are trying to make amends and not repeat mistakes that have happened, and that allows others to help us on our journey and be understanding that we are all works in progress.

Putting an end to self-justification allows us to behave responsibly and maturely.  It’s not always the easiest thing to do, but it’s important that we do it in order to gain meaningful and fulfilling relationships in our lives.