The Problem, The Solution, The Goal


Problems emerging for your Son or Daughter may include:

– Poor or Failing Grades
– Low Self Esteem
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Negative Peer Group
– Avoidance / Running Away
– Angry, Defiant, and Oppositional
– Sullen and Distant
– Drug & Alcohol Use
– Out of Control Behavior
– Divorce / Adoptive Issues
– Medically Diagnosed Issues (ADD, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar,  addictions, weight control, depression, etc.)

Whether your son or daughter has one or more of the problems listed, whether he or she is falling short of his/her true potential, or whether he or she is piling one bad decision onto the next these problems are very real. That downward spiral becomes life altering, and can very quickly become life threatening. Too often Parents feel powerless, while good young people head down the wrong path with little to stop them; while peer pressure or poor choices push them further away from a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life.

Our team of specialists work with the student and parent to help solve these problems. Our goal is to teach your child to want to change and understand how to maximize their potential in a healthy, productive manner, and once again begin to enjoy their youth with family and friends.


Our Goal is very simple – Help YOU help your child. You have taken a very important step in the action needed to help your child get his or her life on track. We know how difficult it can be to admit there is a problem. It is even more difficult to admit you need help finding a solution. Be assured, we will help you every step of the way.

Please contact us directly by phone at 888-698-7095, or by email at

We will have a no obligation friendly and informative conversation about your child, your concerns, and the process we will help you through to find the appropriate solution for helping your child. We have a very simple three step process for enrollment. But, before we begin that process, you and one of our Counselors will have a private confidential  conversation about the best options for your child.

Not every child is accepted into ERA. If for some reason we are unable or it is not appropriate to admit your child at Eagle Ranch Academy, we will make recommendations concerning appropriate options available to you. We may suggest strategies to help you monitor the situation or the need for immediate action. In either case, we will guide you step by step. Remember – our Goal is very simple – Help YOU help YOUR child.

Once your child is admitted to Eagle Ranch Academy, arrangements are made for him/her to be brought to our campus. We will help you with these arrangements. Once your child arrives at ERA, they will be carefully and completely evaluated by our Clinical Staff, our Psychiatric Team, our Medical Team, and our Academic Coordinator and an individualized program will be prescribed for him/her.

Students are together in a home type atmosphere in a residential campus setting where they develop responsibility, work ethic, self-esteem, and appropriate social and life skills. For parents, positive communication is achieved through email and telephone conversations with our therapists, administrators, and students. Parents are encouraged to participate in seminars at Eagle Ranch. Weekly family therapy sessions are provided to address family concerns. This gives the child and family the opportunity for success.

From the time your child arrives at Eagle Ranch Academy goals are set and worked towards.  As each goal is achieved, new goals are set and worked towards until ultimately your child is ready to return home, and once again begin to enjoy his or her youth with family and good friends.

When your child returns home, we continue to communicate with you and your child, and help monitor their well being. Your child will reflect proudly of his/her accomplishments at Eagle Ranch Academy. He or she will be one of our very important Alumni, and from time to time they may choose to participate in our very unique Alumni Program.

“Your child’s time at Eagle Ranch Academy will be life altering,
and for some it will be life saving”

Your child will be more tuned in to the importance of the family, and the role they play in their family.  They will also be more tuned in to the talents they possess, and how to better use those talents for the benefit of not only themselves, but for others as well.

The Bottom Line – young people need to know there are consequences for the choices they make, good and bad; and although being “special” doesn’t shield them from the negative results of bad choices, it does afford them the opportunity for great accomplishments through good  choices.  Our purpose at Eagle Ranch Academy is to affect the lives of young men and women and their families in a way that creates a solid foundation for a productive and fulfilling life.  ERA provides for long term success, not simply a short term solution.



Our goal is to change long term behavior. At Eagle Ranch Academy we use a Value Based Behavior Change Model that has been developed and refined over a lengthy period of time. Many programs operate on the premise that if the child is doing well behaviorally in the program that the child will continue to behave upon returning home. This is a fallacy which Eagle Ranch Academy does not follow.

At Eagle Ranch Academy our highly trained Professional and Clinical Teams consistently test and challenge students to determine whether the program is effecting long term behavioral change. This is done through a variety of methods all of which are based on the students free agency and ability to make choices without being manipulated into change. Allowing students to make choices while in the program leads to true internal change that are long lasting and will carry on upon returning home to family.

Our goal is to return your child as you remember them before they took a turn down difficult paths. Not only to return them as you remember them, but with added strength through our Life
Skills Coaching™ program.


Due to our limited enrollment of 57, each student’s abilities are maximized.  While Eagle Ranch Academy boasts a large and spacious state of the art campus for academics, physical fitness, and therapeutic treatment, we keep our numbers low. There is nothing more important to us at ERA than the personal growth and welfare of each individual student. When numbers grow too large in a Residential Treatment Facility setting the ability to maximize individual abilities is lost in the crowd.

Our limited enrollment allows students to have access to professional certified therapists 24 hours a day if needed. This is something rarely found in a Residential Treatment Center where typically therapists are not available “after hours” and students are then left with line staff who are not certified professionals. Our limited enrollment philosophy has a profound effect on students as they can feel the deep and committed concern that our staff has to each student individually. As a result, students at ERA are very open about the problems they are facing and quickly lose any facade with which they had entered ERA. Positive change occurs quickly and the time spent at ERA is used to maximize each student’s abilities, to be a positive leader and not just a follower, and prepare to return home.