benefit-of-support-groupsWhile a mentor can be a very important part of a teen’s recovery, it’s also important to remember that a teen might also need to talk to someone that can relate to them, someone who is going through the same issues they are and who is their same age.

Teen support groups can be incredibly beneficial to a young person’s life.  

This doesn’t mean the groups aren’t monitored, they are usually led by an adult, someone who has experience.  Support groups are different from therapy whereas they are usually not led by a licensed psychologist or counselor.  Support groups are often led by church members or other community volunteers who often have experience of where a teen might be coming from.

One of the benefits of a support group is that it can help a teen realize that he or she is not alone in their struggle.  During teenage years, individuals often feel like no one understands what they are going through, or really “gets them.”  A support group can help a teen realize that there are many other individuals who are going through the same thing they are, or have similar feelings.  Allowing them to not feel so alone as well as relate to others and develop friendships.

Teens can often struggle at first with support groups, no one wants to get in front of a bunch of strangers and talk about how they feel.  However, it’s important to remember that everyone in the group has felt the same way and that no one is judging each other.

Support groups work the best in numbers under ten.  The more intimate and comfortable individuals can feel with each other the better.  

The benefit of support groups is that they can help individuals coping with a variety of struggles, from anxiety, to depression, and eating disorders to addiction.

Here at Eagle Ranch Academy we believe in the benefits of support groups and encourage individuals of any age to find others they feel comfortable sharing with.  We believe that sharing what you are going through is not only beneficial to you, but may be able to speak to others who are struggling.