Successful Programs for Troubled Youth Announce Release of a Letter from an Eagle Ranch Academy Graduate

 programs for troubled youth

This letter gives amazing insight on the great transformations that can take place in a teen’s life if sent to a teen treatment center. This teen, a recent graduate of Eagle Ranch Academy, shares her story of trouble through youth, and many of the things she has learned while at her stay at Eagle Ranch. She also addresses some questions that many parents might be curious about when researching the program.

Beginning a downward spiral at the early age of 13, her mom felt that she could not help her struggling child and decided to send her to specialist to help her in a program to help her work with her struggles and addiction problems. She loved the program so much that she decided to stay to complete it, even after she was graduated from high school.

She explained how her world has changed completely, and over 9 months she has lost 50 pounds, learned healthy eating habits, and learn relationship building skills and positive coping skills that will help her through the rest of her life.

The one point that stood out was how she stated that she no longer lets her past affect the person she wants to become.

Adressing many of the questions parents might have about the program, she explains details about their weekly schedules, reactions that might occur with a teen when sending them to one of the programs for troubled youth, and more.

Visit Eagle Ranch Academy’s web site, download their PDF letter from an ERA graduate, or contact them for more information on possible program information for healing programs for teens.

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Alecsy Christensen