With number five being Integrity, Eagle Ranch Academy teaches (re-teaches) our Students 8 Core Values. We consider these 8 Core Values to be the “Content of One’s Character.” 

Core Value – Integrity

“I will be the same person always in front of people as I am behind them.” 

The importance of the Core Value of Integrity is more important today than ever before. It cannot be over-emphasized. There seems to be a total lack of understanding between believing in Integrity and then living it.

A recent study showed that while 98% of teens think having good Character is essential. 62% admit to cheating on a test, and 82% admit to lying to their Parents about something significant. 

Look around. Is it any wonder? Politicians, sports stars, business leaders. They all seem to live by the code of “Do whatever it takes to succeed.” 

Teach, Preach and Live With Integrity

Teaching your child/teen Integrity and Honesty needs to be a top priority.

The fact is you might be the only example of Integrity your child sees all day long. A young football player came home after practice and said that one of the star players said, “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough!” Needless to say, the parent must have a good discussion about this at that moment.

Remember, YOU MUST be an example for your Child/Teen. 

Simple reminders to teach your teen:

Be honest in everything you do. Do what is right. When faced with a decision, ask yourself, is it the right thing to do or not? Who are you when no one else is looking? Will you be embarrassed if your parent, family member, or friends find out about it? 

When you leave home, return with honor. The key to all of this is two-fold:

1. Have you planted the seed early and watered it often

2. Do you teach by example? Teach it, preach it, live it. 

We conclude with a Definition and our “Tips & Reminders” for the day. 

Integrity Defined 

Wikipedia says, “The quality of having a sense of honesty and truthfulness regarding the motivations for one’s actions.” 

Webster Dictionary says, “The quality or state of sound moral principle; uprightness; honesty and sincerity.” 

“Positive Parenting Tips & Reminders:”

There are two critical things YOU MUST DO to teach your child Integrity:

First, we have said it many times in our articles, and we will say it many times more because it is the essence of it all, YOU are the example. Children learn their character traits best when watching others. Make sure your child listens and learns from YOU.

Second, keep your promises. It is amazing how good your child’s memory is when a commitment has been made, and it may surprise you at what your child remembers as a promise. If you say it, you will do it, then DO IT. 

You are the Expert on Your Child

Are you perfect? No. Do you make mistakes? Yes. Can you learn something today that will help you be a more effective parent? Absolutely! 

Hold them close, but don’t smother them. Love them, but don’t enable them. And, keep it simple with the basic, but sound rules that you enforce consistently. Take care, and use “Positive Parenting!”