Starting at number one with accountability, Eagle Ranch Academy teaches (re-teaches) our students 8 Core Values. We consider these 8 Core Values to be the “Content of One’s Character.” 

Core Value – Accountability

I will be accountable for the things that happen in my life. 

Talk with your child about the importance of accountability, and give them obvious examples. How can I best help my child? 

The reality of today is that very few teens realize the full scope of the consequences of their actions; and how one decision can forever alter the course of their life for the better or, the worse. Give them specific examples of a right choice you made, and the wrong choice you made and the results of both. Be cautious about bringing a skeleton out of the closet that is best left alone. There are living examples every day that can be used to teach your teen. 

Do’s and Don’ts 

Keep your eyes and mind open to the possibilities.

• Don’t play the “Blame Game.” Either you or your child. Be accountable for your mistakes. Teach without pointing fingers. 

• Don’t settle for the common “Cop-Out,” he or she is just a teenager. There is right and wrong, good and bad, things you do and things you don’t do. Your teen needs to know the values you expect them to live by, and those you will not accept. 

• Do & Don’t – Sometimes they need a lecture, sometimes they don’t. Your child is a teenager, and they will make teenage mistakes. Pick and choose your battles wisely. Be consistent with what you say and what you expect from them. Use your instincts. Do teach by example. The fact is, your child will learn more from what you do than they will ever learn by what you say. 

• Do – Include people in your life and your child’s life that exemplify the qualities you wish your child to learn. 

REMEMBER: When your child needs love and a hug the most, they deserve it the least. 

We will conclude with a definition from our “Tips & Reminders” for today. 

Accountability Defined 

Merriam-Webster says , “An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. Accountability is the obligation to answer for an action”. 

Dictionary information says, “The obligation to bear the consequences for failure to perform as expected”. 

“Positive Parenting Tips & Reminders:” There are opportunities to teach your child about accountability every day. Start with YOUR accountability. Nothing is more powerful than a positive example. Examples are around us all the time. Use them to appropriately teach your child. 

You are the Expert on Your Child

Are you perfect? No. Do you make mistakes? Yes. Can you learn something today that will help you be a more effective parent? Absolutely! 

Hold them close, but don’t smother them. Love them, but don’t enable them. And, keep it simple with the basic, but sound rules that you enforce consistently. Take care, and use “Positive Parenting!”