Insurance Specialist and Funding Consultant

Other “at risk youth” programs may accept insurance but require you to submit your own insurance claims and pursue collecting from the insurance company. With funding options, other programs simply refer you to a lending company and don’t provide you any guidance.  Eagle Ranch Academy does much more.

Our program is unique in many ways.  Two important resources only available to you at Eagle Ranch Academy are our own Insurance Specialist and our own Funding Consultant.  Both of these people provide valuable services in helping you with funding related matters.

Insurance Specialist

While your application (assessment form) is being reviewed, our full time Insurance Specialist and the insurance billing team will do a benefit inquiry to determine if you have any insurance benefits and if so what they may be.  While your son/daughter is enrolled at ERA, our Insurance Specialist and the billing team will submit claims to your insurance company, handle appeals, and try to maximize the insurance benefits for which you have been paying the insurance company.

In Eagle Ranch Academy’s Administrative Building, the office of our Insurance Specialist is located next to our therapist’s offices.  Working closely with your child’s therapist, our Insurance billing team handles preparation and submission of insurance claims, appeals, tracking and collecting of insurance benefit monies, etc.  This personal approach ultimately helps our clients and families.

Call one of or admissions Counselors to find out more.  Call 888-698-7095.

Funding Consultant

To better assist you in trying to save your son or daughter from destructive behavior, we employ our own Funding Consultant whose objective is to help families identify and pursue possible funding sources.  This is much more than merely referring you to the website of a lending group.

With a wealth of real life experience in the finance industry, Eagle Ranch Academy’s Funding Consultant helps identify possible funding sources available to you and your circumstances.  He then provides a game plan of action steps to take and provides guidance and assistance through the process of securing whatever funding sources may be available.  Ask an ERA Admissions Counselor to arrange for you to visit with our Funding Consultant.  There is no cost and no obligation.  He is a valuable resource made available for your benefit.

Call us:  888-698-7095

Both of these services are provided free of charge.  We do this as a courtesy to families of teens accepted for admission into ERA because we know this is a very emotional time and want to assist you anyway we can.  We can’t take all the stress away during this difficult and challenging period, but we strive to make it less stressful so you can make the right decision in getting the help your son or daughter so desperately needs.

Eagle Ranch Academy works closely with all major insurance companies
Including: Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, and others