adventure-therapy-mentor-mentee-eagle-ranch-academyAdventure Therapy is “an action-centered approach to treatment that is used within the field of Recreation Therapy. As opposed to other, more verbally based therapies, adventure therapy encourages individuals to become mentally and physically engaged in adventure activities.”


Eagle Ranch Academy is the best option for Adventure Therapy. We are located on 3 acres in sunny St. George in southern Utah. With beautiful, scenic 360 degree views, we are removed from modern distractions which promote emotional growth. We are located near national parks, such as: Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Snow Canyon, the Grand Canyon, and Lake Powell.

Being taken out of “worldly” environments and into nature gives teens the desire to form friendships and seek mentors with those around them. This allows teens to create support systems around themselves, and because everyone they will meet at Eagle Ranch Academy will either be going through something similar as the teen or there to be a mentor, there’s not better setting to help your teen.

Strong relationships between teens within the group are developed. Usually as these form, one teen will take on the mentor role and the other will take on the mentee. This is an important and amazing event within relationships.

If your teen takes on the mentee role, this means that they will have a mentor. This can be another teen in the program, someone that has taken your teen under their wing and desires for them to succeed. Or this can be one of the Eagle Ranch Academy counselors or advisors, in which case their main job is to listen to your teen, give advice and help when necessary, and encourage them at every turn. Either way, you teen will have created a support system around themselves.

If you teen takes the mentor role, this means they will have someone that looks up to them, and seeks their advice. This is and important role to play. This will help teach your teen about caring for another person other than themselves. It will teach them how to encourage and support someone else, routing for their success and achievement. This does a lot in the way of maturing and educating a teen, as well as teaching them the responsibility of another person. This can inspire you teen, to be a good example for their mentee.

These roles occur naturally in relationships, and these are not something that we assign or force onto our students. Adventure Therapy helps these natural relationships form and allows your teen to focus on their recovery rather than unnecessary “worldly” distractions around them.

For more information on Eagle Ranch Academy check out our pyramid of success and learn about the Core Value Behavior System that we implement into our program.