Did you know that Einstein was what we would consider a “troubled teen?”

albert-einstein-was-a-troubled-teenSome of these things probably sound a lot like a troubled teen that you know, or maybe even yourself. One of the greatest minds of the last century struggled in his schoolwork and struggled with authority figures.

Albert Einstein was considered a slow learner when he was young. He struggled with learning to speak, and with learning to write in English. His slow development caused him to be curious and interested in more ordinary things, things that most of us overlook—like time and space. Some researchers even believe that he may have even had a mild form of autism or Asperger’s syndrome, while others disagree.

Einstein’s struggle with authority figures led to his expulsion by one headmaster, and another to telling him that he would never amount to much. We all know how wrong those headmasters were. Many people struggle with authority, and while creating contention is never the right answer, it doesn’t mean that they are a troubled teen or lost. Focusing that energy into other areas, and being encouraged in areas where the teen excels is important for the teen.

Many sources claim that Einstein actually failed math when he was young, but this is not the case. Einstein himself said that he excelled in mathematics and that his parents encouraged him by purchasing him advanced math textbooks for him to learn the proofs on his own.

In 1905, after graduating from college, he struggled to get an academic job or get a doctoral dissertation accepted. In fact he was working 6 days a week in a Swiss patent office. It was during this time that he wrote four papers that upended physics, of those four the most notable was E=mc2.

einstein-was-a-troubled-teenEinstein even had a passionate love affair with the only girl in his physics class. This led to them conceiving a daughter out of wedlock that they gave up for adoption before Einstein ever saw her. This is the same man who went on to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

Dealing with a troubling teen can feel hopeless sometimes. Even Albert Einstein’s parents can relate to this feeling. Einstein hard a heard time to learning how to speak, and when he did learn how to speak he would often mumble to himself.

Everyone can be communicated with, it’s just learning how to communicate respectfully with each other that takes practice and time.

If you have a troubled teen, know that hope is not lost, and that they can turn their lives around. Eagle Ranch Academy can help your teen turn their life around. We help to encourage a teens interests and strength while helping them in the areas they struggle, whether academic or emotional.