When, Why and How to Intervene

You should have a crisis intervention when things are going badly for your child or a friend’s child, and a crisis is beginning or has already started. Why? Before things go too far. At ERA, we’ll help you learn how.

Parents are asking some critical questions: What’s going on with my child? How can I best help my child? How do I find help? 

Critical questions, finding the right answers can be overwhelming…for that reason, Eagle Ranch Academy is available to talk about your options as a parent and what is best for you and your child.

Our counselors have sorted through the overwhelming maze of information and programs to find some of the best programs for long-term behavior change; and do it in the most effective, cost-efficient, and timely way possible. 

A free, timely, and confidential consultation and assessment with an ERA Counselor will help clarify what is happening with your teen/young adult, the most appropriate options. If intervention is indicated, WHY you should Intervene, WHEN to Intervene, and HOW to Intervene. 

Warning Signs & Reasons for Intervention 

If your child is showing signs/symptoms of:

• ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) 

• Authority Issues 

• Addiction (Gaming, Internet, Phone, etc.) 


• Problems in School 

• BiPolar 

• Depression 

• Substance Abuse 

• Mood Swings 

• Low Self-Esteem 

• Anger 

• Manipulation Behavior 

• Sexually Active 

• Bad Peer Choices (Maybe even gang involvement.) 

• Suicide Threat, or even worse, Suicide Attempt 

• Self-Harm 

• Trouble Keeping Friends 

• Run Away from Home 

Get Help Today

The critical conversation with an ERA Counselor will help make sure you are not over-reacting, or more tragically, you are not minimizing the dangers that exist for your child. Too often, denial leads to escalation. When a child is one decision from a life-altering event or even more tragically, a fatal incident, catching it early is the safest act. 

If your teen or young adult is exhibiting any warning signs, call today to have this all-important discussion with your ERA Counselor. We are here for you. Call 888-304-7101.