Respect is Core Value number six. Eagle Ranch Academy teaches (re-teaches) our Students these 8 Core Values. We consider Our Core Values to be the “Content of One’s Character.” 

Core Value – Respect

I will Respect others and myself. 

Respect is indeed the simplest and easiest Core Value to live and maybe even to teach. But, for some unknown reason, many teens and even young adults seem confused by the simple concept of this Core Value. 

We can’t tell you how many times we have heard from the mouth (and it might have even originated in the mind) of a young person…. “I will respect you if you respect me.” 

Okay, let’s see which came first, “the chicken or the egg?” Well, the fact is the chicken egg concept is much harder to figure out than the idea of Respect.

When you show someone Respect, then you have a chance of them showing you it right back. The amazing thing is that most of the time, they will return it right back to you. But when you try to operate the “teenager way,” you might spend a lifetime, never giving or getting Respect. 

Why You Should Teach Respect

The Golden Rule says It all. “Treat others as you would have them treat you.” 

Lou Holtz (a famous football coach) said, “I have never seen a business, a family, an organization, or a football team that cannot be turned around if you can generate love, mutual appreciation, and fellow feelings.” Coach Holtz is one of the all-time great builders of great teams. 

If you simply use the concept that says, treat all people with the utmost Respect. Make them feel important and help them understand that it can be lost or gained by their actions. 

Respect is not a birthright; it is earned over time. Show it to others and yourself by your actions, and others will do the same to you. You can build or even re-build (if necessary) a healthy family by starting with this 6th Core Value.

The Word Defined

Merriam-Webster says, “to feel or show honor or esteem.” 

Wikipedia says, “the esteem for, or a sense of worth or excellence of, a person, a personal quality, ability, or a manifestation of a personal quality or strength.” 

ERA reminds you to remember the Golden Rule: treat others as you would want to be treated. 

Positive Parenting Tips & Reminders

Be the example. Treat all you meet with Respect. And, teach your child the Golden Rule. 

You are the expert on your child. Are you perfect? No. Do you make mistakes? Yes. Can you learn something today that will help you be a more effective parent? Absolutely! 

Hold them close, but don’t smother them. Love them, but don’t enable them. And, keep it simple with the basic, but sound rules that you enforce consistently. Take care, and use “Positive Parenting!”