change-your-lifeIf you’re reading this, you obviously care enough about yourself to make some changes within your life. So now that you want to change your life, where do you start? We often sit and dream about the life we want, but days and days go by without us making any step towards changing it.

It’s the hardest when you are living a life that society says you should be living. However, if you aren’t following your passion and you constantly dream about living a life that isn’t the one you currently have you have to take actions.

So here are a few questions you can ask yourself. Take the time to really ask yourself these questions and really think about the answers.

What things in my life do I love?

Take out a piece of paper and list everything that you love about your life right now: your friends, family, job, creativity, talent, your passion for certain things, etc. What makes you feel good, complete, alive?

What am I proud of accomplishing?

What moments do you feel proud of in your life? Write all of these moments down. Think about how you accomplished these things? You had to use something within yourself, so what key strengths were these? Try to identify why you succeeded in these instances. Also take the time to think about things that come to you easily. What activities or hobbies do you seem to have a natural knack for? These are all accomplished by key strengths inside yourself, try to identify them. And then think of how you will be able to apply these to changing your life.

If you could be exactly whoever you wanted to without judgment, who would that be?

List your wildest dreams. Anything from wearing the clothes that you want to, to saying what you truly feel, to what your dream job would be. Seeing what you have written down will show you what is the greatest value to you in life.

If there were no chains on you, what would your life look like?

What kind of life would you live if you could sit down and draw your life, and them magically teleport yourself into it? What would you draw? Describe your ideal lifestyle, and what you would do throughout each day. Where would you live? What would your occupation be? How much money would you make? Writing this all down will allow you to see who you would truly be if there were no limits placed on you. Once you know what these things are, you can start working towards them.

If money wasn’t an issue, what would your life look like?

If money was no problem in your life, what would you do? Would you travel everywhere in the world? Would you open a business? Would you give back to others and help others struggling or start a charity? If you weren’t forced to work every day in order to survive, what would you be doing?

Who inspires admiration in your life?

Who inspires you the most in your life? What qualities do they have that causes you to have such admiration for them? You probably have this same quality within you. It just might be a little rough and need some refining and bringing to the surface. If one of the things you find admirable about them is something that makes you nervous or anxious, like their ability to speak in public, or their fearless ability to speak their mind, keeps these things in mind and when the opportunity presents itself, practice them. Take your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Remember that you are in control of your life, and with a little hard work and guidance you can life the exact life that you want.