talk-with-your-teen-eagle-ranch-academyTeens can be hard to talk to.  They often seem closed off and reluctant to have conversations with their parents.  As a parent, you could begin to feel like you don’t really know your teen any longer, since communication may have hit a rough patch.  Here are 6 ways to start a talk with your teen.


1. Find a neutral topic to talk with your teen about

Not every conversation needs to start off with a specific topic in mind. When you start a conversation from a neutral area, you can venture into more serious topics without it feeling like a lecture or an attack.

2.  Use Breakfast/Dinner Time to talk with your teen

More than likely you will be sitting down to eat together. Dinner is usually felt as a safe area where a conversation can begin. It’s a great place to start on a neutral topic and then to venture deeper.

3.  Phrase Your Questions With Thought

Be sure you know what you’re going to ask and talk about. You want to make sure you don’t lose your calm and you are prepared for all and any directions the conversation will take.

4.  Use the Time in the Car to talk with your teen

Use the time you’re together to your benefit.  You’ll more than likely be in a car alone with you teen, driving them to school or to their friend’s houses.  Use this time to talk about topics that come up naturally.  Remember phrase your questions carefully and try not to sound like you are lecturing them.  Use the time that you are together to get to know them again.

5.  Use Night to Your Advantage

Sometimes it seems easier to talk to people at night. With the security of darkness, a lot of people’s defenses are lowered. The walls they hold up during the day come down and they are more open to communication.

6.  Fill Commercial Time With Chat

Try watching one of your teen’s favorite shows with them. When the commercials come on, start a conversation about the episode, the problems that arise in the show, the topics the show discusses, and try to apply it to your teens life. You may find that your teen relates to some of the characters or troubles that the show presents more than you would have guessed.

Remember these 6 ideas can all be used together to start a talk with your teen.